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Johnson City Circus Arts

Aerial Silks Classes

Open to total beginners
through intermediate aerialists!

First Class: $10
Single Class: $18
Package of 4: $65
Package of 8: $120
Package of 16: $200

You must register and pay in advance
for class to reserve a spot:
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Mondays at 8 PM
Thursdays at 8 PM
Fridays at 1 PM
Sundays at 7 PM

Kid's Classes

Sundays at 12:00 at ATG

Kid's Aerial Silk classes are
open to children ages 7-14.

Students above age 12 may choose to take the adult class if they prefer. This class may expand in the future to include children younger than 7.

First Class: $10
Single Class: $18
Package of 4: $65
Package of 8: $120
Package of 16: $200

You must register and pay in advance for class to reserve a spot. When registering your kid's account, enter your kid's name and birthday, not yours!
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Open Gym

Open Gym is a time for students to practice what they have learned in silk or juggling classes.


Mondays, 9:00 - 10:30 PM

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Open Gym Rules

  • In order to use the aerial equipment during open gym, you must have taken at least one group silks class
  • No teaching or trick sharing during open gym. Open gym is a time for you to practice and perfect moves that you have already been taught, not to learn new ones
  • Offering artistic / choreographic feedback to other students, or helping to spot IS acceptable, but teaching new moves is NOT!
  • Mats must be used at all times
  • Stay off the gymnastics equipment
  • If you need a spotter, just ask!

Upcoming Workshops

Flexibility for Aerialists

Mon, Nov 10th, 7:00-8:30 PM at ATG
Instructor:Heather Poole
Assistant:Waverly Jones
All Levels Welcome!

To be flexible is to be capable of moving in many different ways without injury or damage to the body. Although some people have a natural flexibility, becoming flexible and maintaining it takes training just like all other physical activities that require practice. Some of the major benefits to flexibility training are improved physical performance, reduction of muscle soreness, improved posture, increased circulation, and improved muscle coordination. In this class series we will work on improving flexibility and strength in the body from head to toe. Bring a yoga mat and strap if you have them.

Beginner Lyra

Mon, Nov 10th, 8:30-10:00 PM at ATG
Instructor:Waverly Jones
Assistant:Heather Poole
All Levels Welcome!

Students will learn lyra (also known as aerial hoop) fundamentals, and will leave this workshop knowing a foundational sequence on which to build upon.

Take both workshops for $75!

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Instructor Bios

Heather Poole has had the honor of training with many talented people over the past many years starting with her first aerial instructor, Zay Weaver (Spike) of the Aerial Angels. People and places that have provided Heather with the most growth over the years include: Joe Taft, Betsy Shuttleworth, Ember Bria, Rebecca Starr, Ana Prada, and Body&Pole NYC. She currently resides in Asheville, North Carolina where she is a professional performing artist with Asheville Aerial Arts and Bromelia Aerial Dance Collective. Heather teaches both children's and adult aerial and flexibility classes at Aerial Space in West Asheville, NC and through Asheville Aerial Arts. Some of her favorite ways to spend her time are training Aerial Contortion on Silks, group work and creating unique and interesting performance art, ongoing learning about rigging of all types, and consuming lots of decadent dark chocolate.

Waverly Jones is a multi-talented aerial artist based in Asheville, NC. She specializes in several aerial apparatuses, including aerial fabrics, aerial hoop, static trapeze, Spanish web, and pole fitness. In January 2011, she became a member of Asheville Aerial Arts, and has performed at many different events including festivals, galas, fund raisers, carnivals, concerts, and private events. In September 2013, Waverly competed in her first pole fitness competition in Boston, MA, and hopes to keep competing in the future. Aside from performing and training, Waverly is passionate about teaching aerial arts at Aerial Space, located in West Asheville, and Warren Wilson College, located in Swannanoa, NC. Waverly aspires to become certified in teaching aerial arts, and to reach out to others through performance and instruction.


Upcoming class schedule:

ClassDateSpots Open
Wait List Aerial SilksFri 10/31 1 PMCANCELLED
Wait List Aerial for KidsSun 11/2 12 PMCANCELLED
Wait List Aerial SilksSun 11/2 7 PMCANCELLED
 ConditioningSun 11/2 8 PM9 of 12

Wait List Aerial SilksMon 11/3 8 PMFULL
 Open GymMon 11/3 9 PMN/A
 Aerial SilksThu 11/6 8 PM1 of 5
 Aerial SilksFri 11/7 1 PM4 of 5
 Aerial for KidsSun 11/9 12 PM4 of 5
 Aerial SilksSun 11/9 7 PM4 of 5
 ConditioningSun 11/9 8 PM11 of 12

 Flexibility for AerialistsMon 11/10 8 PM7 of 12
 Beginner LyraMon 11/10 9:30 PM5 of 12
 Aerial SilksThu 11/13 8 PM2 of 5
 Aerial SilksFri 11/14 1 PM4 of 5

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available at either ATG or TOT upon request. Personalized classes are available in silks, juggling, and object manipulation arts.

$60 per hour

$200 for a package of 4

Cost can be split with up to four people.

Call for pricing on larger groups.

Gift Certificates

Circus classes make a great Christmas or Birthday gift!



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Jugglers, aerialists, and other variety acts are available for performance at private events. Please call (423) 782-6479 for pricing.

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